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Contemporary portraits

Cherry blossoms.               Commissioned
Acrylic on canvas.

Showers of flowers   Commissioned
Acrylic on canvas.
 3 whimsical watercolors ...........................Commissioned..................................."x11"
    Blue eyes.                                          Lina.                                        Justina.
Watercolors on watercolor paper.            Acrylic on canvas.                          Watercolors     
       For sale                                         
Commissioned                                 For sale
The sketch for "Scheherazade" mural.
Acrylic on cardboard.                       For sale
Acrylic  on watercolor paper       For sale                           

Acrylic on cardboard.   For sale
Faith.          For sale                In the studio at                         Acrylic on cardboard.
Soft graphite, chalk.   
Art League of New Britain                         For sale             
My little friend.
Oil on canvas.      For sale                        The close up strokes.
A pensive moment.         Blue shadows.                          Shan.
Oil on cardboard.                  Acrylic on toned paper.                 Acrylic on paper.
 For sale                                        For sale                                     For sale
Young woman in kimono.        Portrait of an artist        Grace.         For sale
Graphite, chalk on paper.                 Cindy Bassett, oil.                 Ink on paper.
 For sale                                                NFS                                       
Our model - Edyta.      Graphite, chalk, sanguine,               
                                       on toned paper.      For sale              


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All images subject to copyright. (c) Svetlana Shorey, 2017.