About me...  

"My first attempts at painting happened while I was in high school. At that time, I lived with my parents in the former Soviet Union, where I received my education and cultural influence. The most common painting mediums I could find then in local stores were gouache, tempera, and watercolors, which were used then broadly in traditional Russian decorative paintings and iconography. Over the years, I have found this to be quite an influence in my artistic career. After relocation to the US, I practiced decorative and mural painting in private residences, children’s facilities, and other offices. I also taught art privately and at the independent day school, Ezra Academy, Woodbridge, CT.
At present, thanks to the opportunities of internet study, I focus on perfecting my fine art skills and developing more sophisticated styles by attending art seminars and art critiques. Recently I moved from Connecticut to Florida and am practicing live figure sketching and painting En Plein Air with my friends/artists. I LOVE it! " - Svetlana Shorey



I'd like to invite you to view my work, and I hope that you will enjoy it.
I do believe that in sharing our arts, we can grow spiritually, and enrich each other:


   Videos\IMG_5092.3GP                                  LET'S ART!!!

At Elisabeth Park, CT 
Rose weekend paint out

At Wekiwa Island, FL
quick draw competition

At Wickham Park, CT
            Painting ostriches
                 in Ostrich Land,
                 Santa Barbara, CA


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