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You can commission a custom portrait done from a good-quality photograph.

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Acrylic on canvas
16"x 20"       

Oil on canvas.                       Oil on press-board               NSF                                           NSF
     16"x 20"                 Replica of famous artist, Venicianov.

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Here, you can see how
an oil painting can be done
from a photograph.

  Oil on linen canvas.
        17"x 24" .

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Pastel on toned paper..

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Pencil drawings                        Mixed media oil and acrylics on canvas

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            18" x 18"

Sold                                                                                   Mountain lion       For sale

Acrylics on canvas

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Digitally collaged portraits inquire proficient skills in "Photoshop”.
These humorous, though very sophisticated portraits will make an exclusive gift!

Queen Maggie                                Prince Charles                      Beethoven.

Send us a few very detailed digital photos of the person, or a pet you want to transform into an unbelievable look. We can help you in a search for the images that would suite better for that artful job to be accomplished.

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