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20"x 22" 24" x 30"
White hydrangea
Oil on hardboard         NFS
Breakfast with lemon yellow Goldfinch
Oil on hardboard       
16"x20"  16"x20"
Oil on canvas                             NFS
Oil on canvas board    
2 birdhouses                       12"x18"
Oil on hardboard                     NFS
Coleus                  For sale
Oil on canvas board   
16"x20" 3'x4'
Asters in a vase
Oil on canvas board   
For sale
Concerto for butterflies
Latex on canvas           For sale
40"x40" 11" x 14"
Contemporary flowers 
Order to replicate it            
Fresh roses
Oil on canvas              
18"x22"  16"x20"
Silk fabric, yarn, and beads.   SOLD
Acrylic on canvas.   SOLD 


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