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The magnificent and unforgettable Sedona, AZ                             For sale.
Wickham Park,         Manchester CT 
Oil on canvas  12"x24"              For sale.
              Little red barn, CT
   Oil on canvas              For sale.
Breakfast with lemon yellow Goldfinch
Oil on hardboard                NFS
   Farmington River Rocks   16"x20"
Oil on canvas board                   For sale.
12"x9"   16"x20"
In oriental garden
Oil on canvas                Sold
  Rose garden, Elizabeth Park, CT
  Oil on canvas                               For sale.
16"x12"   12"x18"
Oil on canvas board        For sale.
    Looking in the same direction
Oil on hardboard                        For sale.
11"x14"   11"x14"
  Koi Pond                          .
Oil on canvas board                 For sale
  Ostrich Land, Santa Barbara, CA
  Acrylic on canvas board                         Sold
16"x20"   12" x16"
Water Lilies                   
Oil on hardboard                   For sale.        
  Cedar Hill Pond             
Oil on canvas board                   For sale.
8"x10" 14"x20"
Oil hardboard                        For sale.
Blue Hole Park, Georgetown, TX
Watercolor on specialty paper -
For sale.
14"x11"   20"x24"
  Blue morning
  Oil on canvas board       For sale.
  Reed's garden.       
  Oil on canvas                 For sale.


Sunny field                      
Oil on hardboard                         For sale  
 Oriental stone lantern  
Oil on canvas                   For sale.
10"x14"   20"x10"
Pond Café,           W. Hartford, CT
Oil on hardboard                        For sale.
  Autumn leaves
Oil on canvas               For sale.
16"x20"   11"x 22"
Farmington River Trail,     CT       
Oil on canvas                             Sold 
  Rose of Sharon
  Oil on hardboard          Sold 
36"x48"   11"x14"
  Concerto for butterflies
Latex on canvas.                         Sold
  Summer's Grand Finale
  Oil on canvas board                      Sold
Commissioned acrylic painting                       Commissioned watercolor painting   

Cheshire, CT                          30" x 40"
I have to admit that it was a quite challenging request, because I could not have seen the whole picture of the house. I only had some very sharp-angled shots with the dispersed details. All I could do is to “stitch” together all of it somehow. My clients also requested to recreate the landscape they had, so it would look new, fresh, and open
   Mobile, AL                              22" x 28"
This is one more portrait of the house 
   which is famous in Mobile, AL
   and commonly referred to as
   "Magnolia Manor".
   The painting was created
  from a few photos provided by a client.
   The small thumbnail image shows
   the finished painting displayed
   in their home.         Prints are available.
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