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The murals can be painted directly on the walls, or on canvases of different sizes.
With our instructions you can stretch and secure a large canvas on a wall by yourself.
I am also able to travel and paint on location anywhere in New England or Central Florida.
-Contact us to order your own masterpiece-

 Private Movie Theater in Easton, CT.

I developed the colors and designs for the ceiling, based on the existing wall tapestries and metal screens, working closely with the owner, building contractor, and the architect from a well known New York architectural firm - www.tktheaters.com .

$ 80.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural.                                                                                   Easton, CT
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      ---------------------Red Wine Sunset--------------------

The inspiration for this surrealistic contemporary design was initiated by red and yellow swirls of colors of the rug next to the stairs (above). Also, red drapery, the family heirloom green chair and dazzling ornament Elvis the Cow (below) played a big role in the creative process. The final touch was elaborate work on the border, of grape wines, leafs and rocks around the mural. It was hand molded with plaster. Gold paint and glaze helped to finish everything in the best traditional, yet unique way.

The owners of this spectacular house, George and Robin asked me to decorate a few wall niches. Above are images of a mural in their wine cellar/bar and movie theater area. Below you can see one more mural for the guest's bathroom and the textured faux finishes in the smaller alcoves around the house.

Robin and George came up with this lovely idea for the guest's powder room mural.
It is based on cherished memories after their vacation to Cinque Terre, Italy

Faux finishes
$ 25.00 - $45.00 per sq. ft. for a similar work. 
1.                   2.   
1. Limestone imitation ( KuanYin smiles )               2. Multi green onyx imitation with gold

  3.               4. 
3. Marble imitation with Perl                                4. Venetian plaster with gold
The dining room
                                    Before                                                       After.
Baroque-style ceiling with little cherubs over a Jacuzzi in the master suite bathroom.
The marble faux finish was applied on the columns to match the surrounding marble tiles.
                                                                                                                     New Hartford, CT

As an artist-decorator with over 30 years experience, I would be glad to work with you on any of your creative projects.

 Qualifications -

• Murals and decorative painting of various styles and techniques on many different surfaces

• Canvas mural stretching and restoration

• Venetian plaster, plaster molding restoration, plaster carving and glazing

• Faux finishes such as color wash, sponging, rag painting, etc.

• Faux stone, wood, marble imitation

• Stenciling and freehand pattern painting

• Freehand sketches and PhotoShop mockups

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Reception area in the Cheshire Community Food Pantry, CT                Close up details
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  This mural "magically" transformed the basement of a private residence for a gifted holistic practitioner and my good friend into an extraordinary reiki room and yoga lounge.
White Wisteria plant and the right side of the scenery
Room before.                                                      Same room after it was painted
The woodwork and the patio plaster wall were painted in surprising Trompe-l'oeil technique to support the existing small window under the ceiling.

$ 45.00 per sq. ft. for similar murals.                                                                                     Bristol, CT
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On these photos, you can see TAB's logo painted on the exterior wall of the office building making it more interesting and sophisticated.

TAB Computer Systems Inc.
a respected company in Connecticut.
It has been providing outstanding computer service and support to greater Hartford's businesses for over 30 years.
http://www.tabinc.com/                                                                  East Hartford, CT   
Front entrance             staircase makeover. 
                                                                                                       $ 25.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural.
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This is a rock-climbing wall in the Ezra Academy gymnasium named as "Masada wall".

Above, you can see its development in-progress.
Below is the finished wall 70' x 17' foot , and the close-up shots of it.
Masada is a mountain top fortress located in Israel on the western shore of the Dead Sea. It symbolizes freedom and courage to Jews.

This mural designed to serve Ezra Academy students not only as a climbing wall, but as a visual aid for the Judaic and the Social studies as well.

$ 25.00 per sq. ft. for a similar work.                                                                              Woodbridge, CT
   Mural in the teachers' lounge, Ezra Academy

Tropical theme of a bright, refreshing seascape in contemporary style.
Because of the rough stone like surface of the walls, a different technique had to be used.
It was painted with a roller and sponges.

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An inspiration for the "Indian Ocean" theme, was from the works of eminent Russian philosopher, esoteric painter, and writer   Nikolai Roerich,   who spent many years living and studying eastern philosophy in Mongolia, Altai, Tibet and India.        

"Indian Ocean" mural was painted on a wall with acrylic.

Detail shot.

$ 25.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural.

     South Bend, IN

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     "It usually takes a while before one feels home at a new house. Lana's talent and creativity made us feel home the first day we moved to our new place. We just fell in love with the mural; it truly means a lot to us with the way it reflects our roots and childhoods. Thanks Lana, for your meticulous and very well done job"
                                                                                                   / George and Lina Taweh /
zahle mural lebanon acrylic                    
A nice couple from Lebanon asked me to paint a mural for their new home. The host's hometown, Zahle, is well known for its gorgeous views and wineries. In the town center there is this statue of the muse of poetry holding grapes. The mural shows her spilling wine from the vessel , creating the brook which represents the hostess's hometown Mazraat El Nahr.
All of these scenes and symbols were artistically combined to remind  the owners of their homeland.

$45.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural.

Farmington, CT
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''Pine lake" acrylic mural on canvas.
8' X 4,5'                                        For sale:
"Birch lake"

8' X 4,5'                                          South Bend , IN

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Acrylic mural to match the colors of the living room and kitchen.

Detail (tri-color leaves)

Detail (Trompe-l'oeil technique)

$ 25.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural.

                        Farmington, CT

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I designed and painted this flower vine border, working closely with the owner of this gorgeous house, Lorraine. The mural used details from existing drapery and fabric around the kitchen and living room to unify the area and bring out the beauty of the fabrics. The deep burgundy color painted on the walls, has given the room an exquisite appearance. 

$ 45.00 per ft. for a similar mural.

Farmington, CT

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This sunny New England seascape makes the ordinary bathroom lively and fresh. 

You can see the reflection of this mural in the opposite wall mirror which brings more color and dimensions to the room.

Imagine yourself walking along the pretty seashore on the warm gold sand!

The actual mural Close-up shot of a seagull. The sea star and the shells.

$ 25.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural.                                                                                      Coventry, CT
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The hostess of this beautiful house in Cromwell recently took a trip to Seville, Spain. She was so charmed and captivated by the lace-like designs and architectural elements she saw, that she wanted to bring them home. This resulting mural was painted with the softest ivory and gold colors, which vary with different lighting.                                          

$ 80.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural on a ceiling.                                                                    Cromwell, CT
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I was asked by a musician to paint a mural in his recreation room, where he could get away to practice, exercise, or just relax. He had a good design on his business cards that this mural builds from. This mural was designed to use the existing color scheme (blue/beige), and bring to it more energy and excitement.

$ 25.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural.

                            Southington, CT

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This highly detailed and very realistic architectural mural could be a wonderful focal point and a conversation piece. (Alupka, Crimea, Vorontsov Palace - http://alupka.ru.ircha.net/)

Available for immediate shipment with the instructions for installation, or delivery and installation for local clients.

Acrylics on canvas

4.3' high x 8.5' wide

$ 80.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural.

For sale - $ 1800

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"Santorini" murals for a laundry room in a Farmington, CT mansion. The hostess of which got an idea and inspiration to create these paintings after their vacation to Greece.
Stone window with a view to the                                 The doors with columns and a view.
most famous church on Santorini Island.
$ 25.00 per sq. ft. for similar murals.                                                                                  Farmington, CT
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"Arf Arf " Dog Grooming Salon.
Window painting for color splash and privacy gain.                                                  
$ 25.00 per sq. ft. for a similar mural.                                                                                      Bristol, CT.
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This mural was painted in Trompe-l'oeil technique.
                                                         Farmington, CT
Sakura, Sakura noyama mo sato mo...

                                                   East Haven, CT

$ 45.00 per sq. ft. for similar murals.

$ 25.00 per sq. ft. for similar murals.


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