Theater and stage production.
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Ezra Academy is a private Jewish school in Woodbridge, CT which is highly regarded for a unique approach in teaching and in visual and performing arts.
Below you can see some photos of the 2009 Hanukkah production stage decorations .

Special thanks to rabbi Amanda Brodie, Valerie Pagar, Tzvi Rapaport,  Marina Zovich and other Ezra Academy teachers who have put on these wonderful plays. 

The Bnei Jacob's auditorium. The 8th Graders are practicing and performing on stage.

Left side - First Synagogue

Center - USA map

George Washington at Yorktown.

This large picture was split in pieces for 18 participants that were standing on the risers in three rows.. They were holding each piece down with the backside toward the auditorium while singing the last song of this patriotic play. The culmination of the song and the play was a very well worked out special effect. Like magic, in three seconds the first row, then second, and the third rows of these pieces went up and turned toward the auditorium. The Statue of Liberty rose high above the loudly applauding audience.
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Ezra Academy 4th Grade Thanksgiving play.


This is how we painted the back stage scenery.

The pilgrims.

Old St. Charles.

Old Amsterdam.

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2nd Grade "Noah's Ark" play.

All class on stage in costumes.


Ellie wearying the poppy mask.


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