You may request a custom chairs for yourself or your honoree here.

These chairs can be mailed to you in disassembled form.
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שִׂמְחָה / / in Hebrew means "Happiness".

It is an old tradition to create specially decorated seats for the bride and groom in Jewish weddings. 


These paintings are so complex and intricate that each time you look at them, you will discover more and more intricate details

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These unique chairs are one-of-a-kind, and were custom-painted for a beautiful couple from Woodbridge, CT on their special day. They were a part of the overall theme of the colors and decorations of their wedding. The chairs complemented the colors and styles of the          
Brides Maids' dresses and the Huppa, which was made by Betty Norman.


some details
of the two chairs


The words on the back of these chair mean "Be Happy. It is your Holiday." in Hebrew

The words on the back of this chair mean "Good Luck"
You can order your own Simcha Chairs or arm-chairs for any occasion, weddings, Bar-Mitzvah, Bat-Mitzvah, etc. I will work from your request, to your or my own designs and inspirations, to make an exclusive work of art. Submit your request HERE for free of charge and no obligations.
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A family from Maryland asked me to design and paint a chair for their son's Bar-Mitzvah. He's a big fan of the Baltimore Ravens. The theme of the celebration was also the Ravens' purple, black and gold colors. The yellow and white areas on the chair designed to be filled with lots of signatures of the friends and the party gests.


The words on the back of these chair mean "May G-d bless and protect you" in Hebrew



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