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  These are traditional chairs used by the Bride and Groom in a Jewish wedding. Click HERE for
more information and pictures about them, including how to order your own pair.

Trompe L'Oeil is French for "trick of the eye". It is a technique for painting murals that seem to extend reality into the picture, building a false space.

The hostess of this charming home in Bristol, CT, wished to have an elegant French-country
kitchen, and our collaborative efforts created this unique look. This kitchen was redesigned to
create an open and free atmosphere, employing stylistic elements from the rich French countryside.


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  This step-by-step process illustrates the transformation of a simple table into a work of art.

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  A Chinese landscape is painted on wood panels with gold paint and wood stain. The traditional oriental border and painting techniques create an old-world charm and elegance. Can be hung on a wall as a triptych or displayed as a screen.                                                             For sale  
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